Pitchfork 2016

If you love music festivals for the music like I do, Pitchfork is the perfect package. As it is less popular than Lollapalooza and still located in the heart of Chicago, its laid-back atmosphere is ideal for popping open a 312 can and getting lost in the performances. This also means shorter lines for the bathroom, drinks, and smaller crowds at the stage. There was also a great selection of Chicago restaurants and food trucks available–tamales, BBQ, deep dish pizza, etc.

Like the festival itself, many of Pitchfork’s acts are more unheard of. Of course, there are still big names–Brian Wilson was in attendance performing all of Pet Sounds, Sufjan Stevens headlined, and even rapper Jeremih made an appearance (bringing Chance the Rapper with him). However, I encourage anyone who attends this amusing closer-knit festival to do their research and go to some of the less-known bands. Pitchfork’s smaller atmosphere enables you to really get to know the performers’ style–and most of them will out-do themselves, especially if they are trying to get noticed. I would say their creative energy is the highest, and therefore most appealing. BJ the Chicago Kid and Neon Indian were two of my favorite shows throughout the entire festival. After years of being a Lollapalooza girl, this event really got me to reconsider what the experience of a music festival should be like.


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