The Cassettes on Tape at Chop Shop (1/27)

Joe, Shyam, Chris, and Greg are four guys with a delicious sound. As an indie rock band, they had the audience at Chop Shop swaying from left to right on Friday night. Their ambiance was light and laid-back as they took the stage in their T-shirts and flannels.  With red, pink, and purple spotlights gradually morphing from one shade to the next, the Cassettes on Tape put us in a dream-like mindset as they played songs inspired by 80’s and 90’s indie rock.

Had their music existed in one of these decades, you definitely would have heard it at prom. By this, I mean that it’s sweet and youthful. It gives you butterflies in your stomach. The sound waves didn’t hit you like a ton of bricks or fall flat, they were like bubbles landing on you and popping, giving a cleansed and lifted sensation. From their first song, I felt comfortable letting go of my troubles with an exhale, and losing my self-consciousness in their music. In this way, the show was very romantic—like nothing mattered except the fact that you were in a dark room on a Friday night listening to some good music.

Indie Rock: The Cassettes on Tape at Chop Shop (January 27, 2017)


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